Kent Precision Foods Group

Brand Standards and Business Cards developed for Kent Precision Foods Group.

Over the course of twenty years, Kent Precision Foods Group quietly grew into a leading provider of specialty food products to all segments of the foodservice industry. Their brands became household names in the segments they served. However, the sum of those parts didn’t add up to the combined equity needed to move KPFG towards its aggressive growth objectives.
Our discovery process led to recommendations for a streamlined brand architecture and positioning strategy designed to create crossover equity of branded products, and to create a more evident synergy between KPFG divisions.
This new approach inspired a reconceived visual approach for the company and its flagship product brand, Foothill Farms.
The company’s visual identity now represents a new level of cohesiveness. Using a branded color approach to the signature style, the identity is brought together with a geometric icon that symbolizes the synergy of the divisions working together.
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